Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct will not supersede any other applicable legal or regulatory requirements of the country in which the Company carries out its business operations.

Compliance of code

The Human Resources department will act as Compliance Office for the code and will make sure the compliance of this code of conduct. In case of any queries and problems or issues relating to the compliance of this code one should contact with compliance office set up under this code of conduct. The Compliance Office is responsible for educating, training and developing understanding of the code to all the employees. The compliance office shall ensure that there are no breaches of the code and code is being followed by director's, exective's and manager's, employee,s and staff during his day to day affairs.

Following is the code of conduct
1) Director's
  • • Commit themselves to all the necessary and appropriate resources.
  • • Create a conductive environment through healthy and responsive policies.
  • • Maintain organizational effectiveness for the achievement of the company goals.
  • • Encourage and support compliance of legal and industry requirements.
  • • Protect the interest and assets of the company.

2) Exectives and managers
    • Ensure the profitability of operations.
    • Provide the direction and leadership for the organization.
    • Ensure total customer satisfaction through excellent product and service.
    • Promote a culture of excellence, conversation, and continual improvement.
    • Cultivate work ethics and harmony among colleagues and associates.
    • Encourage initiative and self realization in employees through meaningful empowerment.
    • Ensure an equitable way of working and reward system.
    • Institute commitment of environmental, health and safety performance

3) Employees and staff
    • Devote their time and efforts to productive activities.
    • Observe company policies and regulations.
    • Promote and protect the interest of the company.
    • Exercise prudence in using company resources.
    • Observe cost effective practice in daily activities.
    • Strive for excellence and quality.
    • Avoid making personal gain (other than authorized salary and benefits) at the Company's expenses, participating in or assisting activities which complete with work of any customer or supplier of Ravi Textile Mills Ltd. and to hold any interest in a customer, supplier, agent or competitor.