Company Profile

Laboratory and Testing Facilities

BECO Steel relies on research and innovation as fundamental to achieving sustainable growth and development and supporting the company's competitiveness. Aiming this, we have significant research resources. These resources help BECO Steel to meet the rapidly changing requirements in the dynamic industries. We seek to continuously improved technology, applications, and solutions to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated marketplace looking for smarter design, advanced functionality and higher sustainability.

Our laboratory is fully equipped with the latest equipment required for both mechanical and chemical testing, with the need to meet international standards, BECO Steel is continuously monitoring its products through random sample checks carried out through the day. Our laboratory is at par with recognized institutes in terms of machinery capabilities and testing procedures. We adhere to both mechanical testing procedures and chemical testing to ensure that our products are without any flaw. Our reports are widely accepted as a mark of authenticity and quality, and all of our clients are fully satisfied with the results of our products. The most common form of testing is known as mechanical testing, which is done on a tensile testing machine, it is to ensure that our products meet with the required Yield. Tensile, Elongation, Bending and Hardness tests that are required for their specific grade or as per clients’ specifications. Another form of testing is known as chemical testing which is performed on a spectrometer, this machine allows us to identity the chemical components used in our steel to make sure it is up to the mark.