Company Profile

Marketing and Sales

Our products may speak for themselves but it is the relentless efforts of our team that has created the brand we are today. Our marketers and sales agents do not follow tricks of the trade by giving false promises or lies. They are carefully selected individuals who have established a name in the industry. Their integrity and willingness to accommodate the needs of our clients is what sets them apart from others in the industry. Our sales team is an embodiment of our company. They understand that their reputation is a reflection of the company itself.

From the initial stage of query till the point of delivery, our Sales Team remains in close coordination with each client to address any needs that they might have the close interaction between both parties and it is the start to an everlasting relationship, the ease with which clients can place their orders and remain carefree of the efficiency we provide is what brings them back to us. Our ability to meet our targets, and to facilitate deliveries as per our customers’ timings and location is a skill that some of the biggest companies fail to achieve.

BECO Steel is a name that can be seen across the nation, we have marketed our products at every major retailer in each district to ensure that our products are readily available. Our marketing campaigns are visible in every city to ensure that the BECO Steel name remains in the minds of the people. Our company has entered the minds of the general public and their first choice of steel is that of BECO Steel.

The latest mode of marketing is that of social media. BECO Steel has followed this trend and entered the world of social media. Its entrance has opened a platform for us to reach consumers both domestically and internationally, expanding our client base at an exponential rate. It is part of our methodology here at BECO Steel to adapt to the latest trends both in ways of manufacturing and marketing. We recognize the need for a strong marketing campaign that will imprint the mark of BECO Steel into the minds of the consumers, making our brand a household name.