Company Profile

Our Staff

BECO Steel is renowned not only for its quality in products, but the manpower that runs the organization. Over the years we have accumulated a team of specialists from all over the nation. Our team consists of individuals who have excelled in their respective fields that now come together under one roof to provide the best possible services.

Our staff of fabrication specialists and production managers is our strength and repute as they are the leaders of manufacturing discipline. The teams of fabrication specialists are experienced in manufacturing precision where each individual utilizes his/her skills to provide products that are of a concise and accurate dimension, weight and shape. Our team is equipped with the latest workshop tools and machinery that remove the slightest differences that could affect the quality of our products. Our production managers are constantly overseeing work progress, they are responsible of ensuring that our optimum level of output is being achieved while at the same time keeping an eye out for any flaws. Over the years our managers have developed a keen eye for steel, allowing them to instantly correct any problems and maintain quality. We, place great emphasis on the need for maintaining safety protocols and have built onsite emergency facilities to prevent any health disturbance. All employees are given training on their joining, informing them of all safety measures and protocols.

At BECO Steel, we have recruited qualified engineers to maintain strict quality control checks. The role of our Quality Control Team is to perform random checks from every batch to ensure that the batch is up to the mark and ready to be delivered to the client. A special laboratory has been designated to the Quality Control Team, so that they can perform the necessary testing to confirm that the products are up to ISO and PSQCA standards.

A crucial part of our company is the distribution Team; they ensure that all deliveries are made in time and as per clients’ specifications. Our team remains in constant communication with clients and site managers to deliver goods as per schedule. They are also considerate to emergency needs or urgent requirements, and facilitate clients so that their work is not disrupted. Our Finance Team comprises of diligent and hardworking chartered accountants that are readily available to accommodate clients’ needs and assist in financial documentation or dealings, their competency ensures that customer billing is accurate and as per agreements.

As the steel industry has advanced in terms of its efficiency and automation, therefore, jobs tend to require higher levels of skill and education but modern steel manufacturing offers diverse careers, incorporating people from all sorts of educational backgrounds into a single institute that provides dedicated customer service with world-class research facilities to develop and deliver high quality steel products that add value to the customers' business.